Aaron Seigo announces Plasma Backgrounds!

New good news from KDE developers. I can't even believe what KDE4 revolution will be like. Yesterday, Aaron Seigo announced that he's implementing some new Container classes that allow: animated backgrounds, use of plasmoids as backgrond, etc. As Seigo said:

The really neat thing about this approach (at least to me) is that backgrounds can be interactive. In fact, any applet could be used as a background (not that you'd want to, of course ). Yes, it also means they can be animated (or drawn using OpenGL or...). As a bonus, people writing backgrounds don't have to learn Yet Another API or plugin system, which is also a bonus. You could even write backgrounds in JavaScript or whatever other languages we get ScriptEngines for (Python, Ruby..). Neat-o.

Simply KDE rocks!

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21 de marzo de 2010, 13:12


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